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Indian weddings have been a tradition in India for centuries. The customs and rituals of Indian marriages are deeply rooted in cultural traditions, with the most common being the Hindu culture. In recent years, western influences have also influenced many aspects of Indian wedding ceremonies. One such power has been the role of a wedding planner. More and more couples are opting to hire a professional event planner to take care of all aspects of their big day, from venue selection to floral arrangements and everything in between.

Things to Consider While Choosing an Indian Wedding Planner

When thinking of the best day ever, many people think about their wedding. Some dream of an extravagant destination wedding, while others like a simple multicultural event. We all hope that our special days are perfect! It’s the beautiful union of two souls! But why is this wedding so hard to plan? We want every little thing to go our way, minding the minutest of details. Weddings in India are not just a day-long event; they’re an epic celebration that lasts days. Indian weddings can last for an entire week! The word ‘Weddings’ is usually associated with stress, but some Indian couples are turning to a new trend: the five-day wedding. It is just as fun-filled and enthralling to plan one’s wedding, but it also brings about an equal amount of stress.

The wedding process starts with the Mehendi, continues to sangeet, and finally culminates on an actual day. Every detail needs careful planning! My wedding involves a lot of anxious preparation, from the small components to the large arrangements! And everything needs a solution! Well, fret not because we have one for you and it’s  perfect no matter how big or small the wedding is.

A wedding planner is your knight in shining armor! When you are stressed about all of the little details, a professional will ensure that nothing goes wrong on one of the most important days. A professional wedding planner can make the planning and organizing of a wedding seem like child’s play – you’ll be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your big day. The wedding planner takes care of everything from the flower arrangements for your Mandap to picking aunts at the airport and even managing hotel bookings in case of destination weddings. The wedding planner has got it all under control and that too efficiently!

Top 10 things you must consider before choosing a wedding planner:

1. It’s All About the Experience:

When it comes to planning your wedding, you can’t go wrong with a professional with years of experience under their belt. Whether big or small, they have designed hundreds of weddings and know exactly what needs to be done! A wedding planner will go through a lot of trouble to ensure the bride’s choice is satisfied. They never compromise on their client’s choices and work hard until they get what they want!

2. Managing Your Splurges:

A wedding planner can help one have the perfect dream wedding without breaking a bank! Whether you are working within a budget or not, your planner has contacts to ensure that every aspect of your big day is picture-perfect. You can worry less about overspending on your wedding day because our planner will plan a budget for you so diligently that it would be hard to spend unnecessary money.

3. Saving Your Loved Ones from Stress:

Letting all of your friends and family plan the wedding will be fun, but it can also take up a ton of time. Instead, let professionals handle as much stuff for you when planning a party so that you can keep enjoying this special day with those closest to you! You wouldn’t want your parents to be involved in every detail of the big day, and you don’t need them there for such a significant life event.

Although the bride and groom are aware of all their guests, it’s a good idea to have them act as active witnesses during the wedding. This way, friends and family can enjoy celebrating someone else getting married without feeling neglected or like they should leave early for another party later in the evening. A role that is easily accomplished if they have the additional responsibilities of managing an event. On your wedding day, no one is better than a friend who will help carry out their duties responsibly and soberly. Just make sure those friends aren’t plastered before the ceremony even starts!

It’s important not to mix friendship and business because it is better for both parties. A captain of the volunteers will have to answer questions from all your workers. While the wedding planners have their armies of volunteers responsible for bringing salads and cakes and picking up the furniture, they also have them hang decorative fabric from the ceiling.

4.Get Rid of Indecisiveness:

Sometimes, the difficult part of wedding planning isn’t finding a venue or choosing your outfits. Sometimes it’s trying to pick one picture out of all that you end up taking on the big day! Planning a wedding is no easy feat, and it can be even more challenging to bring all of the elements together. A professional wedding planner will help you integrate your vision into meaningful components that make up a fantastic day! When planning a wedding, it can be challenging to figure out the best theme and location. A wedding planner will help with all of this so that your special day is perfect! 

5.Manage Worst Case Scenarios:

On a wedding day, there are always problems. It doesn’t matter how well you plan things because inevitably, something will not go according to that plan, and the whole event won’t be perfect. But things not going according to plan does not mean they are out of your control. A wedding planner will be the one to save your day by taking care of all the stress that comes with planning a wedding!

6. Hire Best and Reliable People:

If you are looking to make the best wedding ever, then a planner is your go-to person. From helping pick out venues and caterers, they will take care of everything for you! There is no point in searching for the right people. Instead, you can trust them to have already found those who are qualified and experienced professionals!

7.Getting the Legal Work Done:

A wedding planner takes care of a lot for you- they help plan your honeymoon destination, get the tickets done and sorted out, and also assist with passport formalities. Everything will be managed by them perfectly without any hassles!

8.Manage Your Dysfunctional Family:

It can be tough to get everyone together if you have a large family with lots of drama queens and stickler elders. It’s even more complicated when they’re all so disagreeable. A wedding planner will ensure that all of your relatives get together and have a good time.

9. Don’t Break Your Ankle Before Your ‘D’ Day:

Wedding days are the most important and sacred occasions in a woman’s life. If you can’t get everything done before this day, don’t worry about becoming a bridezilla! A wedding planner can take care of everything when it comes to the big day so that you won’t have a nervous breakdown just one night before!

10. Enjoy YOUR Wedding Day:

On your wedding day, it’s essential to make the most of every moment and remember all the beautiful memories that will cross through your mind. So go out there and grab your day! Don’t spend it fussing over all of the little things.

11. References: 

When the news gets out that you are newly engaged, friends and family will likely recommend their favorite places to eat. Only trust the people who have your best interests at heart, but make sure to conduct background checks on other potential candidates. Ask the planner for references. You’ll want to speak with both past and current clients so you can get a feel of how they operate together. Are/were their customers satisfied? How did they feel about the planning process? Were any problems that weren’t immediately resolved, and would they recommend this planner to others? It is a good idea to ask for references. If the planner’s preferred vendors speak highly of them, it demonstrates their professionalism and reliability.

12. Communication Style: 

The importance of effectively communicating with your planner during the months leading up to your wedding cannot be overstated. You’ll need a definitive plan for how you will do this before beginning anything else. Be sure to communicate promptly and thoughtfully with your planner, as they might be juggling several clients!

Before, during, and after the interview process, it is essential to find out how a potential planner prefers to communicate. For example, do they prefer phone or email? It may also be beneficial to ask if their schedule allows for frequent in-person meetings, as this will provide you with insight into whether your work styles are compatible. How do they communicate ideas? This can be answered without meetings and binders full of pictures. Using social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, are practical options that save time for both parties.

13. Additional Services: 

The role of a wedding planner is to organize and coordinate the entire event, including helping with catering. If you’re not keen on being involved in all aspects of planning your big day, then it may be prudent that you choose someone who can take care of things for you without having much involvement from yourself.

Will the planner handle addressing and mailing your save-the-date cards and invitations? Is it okay if your maid of honor consults with them for bachelorette party details? Do they offer any honeymoon planning services as well?If you want your planner to handle all of the duties, make it clear upfront. Otherwise, they may not know what level of involvement is required on their end, and any services provided by other companies will be extra costs beyond your budget.

Wedding planning is essential to ensure that the day goes smoothly and you get everything that you want. To ensure your wedding planner can handle anything, ask them questions during interviews like what they have done before or if their team has worked together for a long time. Hire someone who seems right for you and remember: it’s all just cake! The wedding event planners practice a hands-on approach and are involved every step of the way to ensure that everything matches the couple’s vision.

One of the significant highlights is affordability. Indian Wedding Planners provide high-class services, making them attractive to customers who want quality but can’t afford a hefty price tag Plan your perfect wedding with their extensive planning services, which include pre-wedding, post-wedding parties. They also assist with the management of vendors, event flow design and execution, decor planning and production, guest’s management for events such as weddings or parties. They can also help you plan your food & beverage needs along with entertainment designs like music choice and dance choreography. India wedding planners are the one-stop shop for all your Indian wedding needs.

These professionals offer everything from planning to decoration and catering, so you’ll never have to worry about a thing on this special day!

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  • Managing Vendors
  • Menu Curation
  • Stationery Design
  • Planning Weddings
  • Outdoor Catering
  • Stage Decor
  • Props for Weddings
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