Indian Wedding Decorators

Are you looking for Indian wedding decorators near you? If yes, then you are in the right place. The Indian wedding is a fascinating event that requires an elaborate amount of decoration. It’s not just the bride and groom who are decked out with beautiful clothes, but every detail of the ceremony and reception has to be covered in something gorgeous as well! The decor can come from many different sources, such as religion or culture, but more often than not it will have some modern twists thrown into the mix. Learn about some of those below!

How to choose the best Wedding Designer & Decorator?

Brides find a lot of great and wonderful ideas on Pinterest, in bridal magazines, and at their friends’ weddings. Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary, simply by hiring an experienced, dedicated, and creative designer & decorator. Centrepieces, walkways, flowers, table arrangements, backdrops, stage design, and many other details are aspects that brides worry about in the months leading to their special day. Wedding decor is an essential part of a successful wedding. Although many brides think it might be cost-effective and fun to decorate their wedding venue themselves, the reality is that it takes a significant amount of work and is often costly to do so. Brides should be fully aware of and understand what it takes to achieve professionally decorated weddings and their desired atmosphere. The Indian Wedding Decorators is the best way to do this is to hire an experienced, passionate, dedicated, hardworking, creative, organized, honest, and trustworthy designer & decorator. When brides think about the time and effort it takes to weddings decorate an entire hall, in addition to all the other stresses of planning a wedding, it becomes essential to hire a professional designer & vendor. Food for thought to consider when choosing a wedding designer & decorator:

Well-known for their exceptional reputation to turn your dreams into reality:

A good wedding designer & decorator is committed to providing you with unique quality products, great value, professionalism, and unparalleled service. They deliver above and beyond the extra mile to make their clients happy and are always 100% client-focused. The Indian Wedding Decorators décor has to be completed at least one hour before the guests arrive. No setting up and take down work should be seen by anyone at the wedding reception. All brides want to be reassured that they are in good hands.

Meticulously organized:

Brides pay for a professional designer & decorator who will truly concentrate on their special day. If the designer & decorator of the weddings have more than one event on the same date, the brides have to be reassured that they can handle it. Value and appreciate their clients and work to create the perfect event for them. For this reason, they focus on superior customer service and satisfaction. They respond to emails, phone calls and texts promptly, they follow up with their clients to check how they are doing, and they provide timely updates even before they’re requested.


A weddings decorator should treat you with respect. It’s your wedding day and you certainly expect the best décor possible. Vendors ought to appreciate you as the client and give you the necessary attention and time required. If you are treated in an impolite and offhand manner, it’s advisable to check alternative vendors.

Proper contract:

Outlining the price, payment schedule, and cancellation policy a professional Indian wedding planning designer & decorator will provide you with a complete detailed wedding décor outline summary. It should include descriptions of the décor from the backdrop, stage design, head table, cake table, gift table, sign-in table, centrepieces, ceiling draping, wall draping, tablecloths, chair covers, Chiavari chairs, dance floor, accessories, uplighting, and much more. All sizes, colours, types of fabric draping, type and quality of linens, the recipe of centrepieces, colour setting and number of uplighting, and any other detailed aspects of your decor should be all indicated in your contract. Request for a presentation & mockup of all the décor you have selected. Brides need to be able to see and touch all the décor they are paying for before signing the contract. No hidden fees and no surprises!

A professional who understands what it takes to create a magical event:

They own their décor, ensuring quality, and availability. A true professional designer & decorator is a good listener, communicator, detail-oriented, and organized to assure confidence in the bride. During the consultation, they do décor mock-ups including backdrops and centrepieces, making sure that you’re 100% thrilled with their designs before they create them for you. They do a site inspection to determine what design and décor will work and always take necessary measurements. Experienced, dedicated, hardworking, honest, and committed to helping you. You want to work with someone who is honest and who tells their customers what they can do and always ALWAYS does what they say. They have the bond of their word. They never promise more than they are prepared to deliver. A portfolio of events created along with testimonials, reviews, and letters of reference should be available at any time. There should be a bond based on honesty, trust, and mutual respect.

A professional designer & decorator Under Promise and Over Deliver:

Committed to providing you with the skill, talent, ability, enthusiasm, and ingenuity needed to create and develop events in order to achieve the results you want. Their genuine passion and dedication are clearly evident in the diligence, careful thought, and planning in the way in which they approach every event, from conception to realization. Good listener and communicator who anticipates the needs of their clients before they have to ask. Choose a designer who shows the HUMAN side of their personality and works to build a personal connection with all of their clients. They maintain a high client referral rate because of their consistent focus on customer satisfaction. Creativity and keen attention to the finest detail: A professional designer & decorator is thorough, meticulous with a well-thought-out manner to specific details mentioned by the couple. Details include neatness, polished overlook creativity, well-coordinated key spots mentioned during bridal consultation. Couples’ high expectations have to be created and custom-designed to be a distinct reflection of their taste, style, and personality. Arrives on time at the venue: well prepared, and ready to MAKE MAGICAL MOMENTS COME TRUE! Wonderful Decorators for India Weddings Around the World: We always look for creative work and an out of box wedding planning and decoration, but we hardly know anything about the brainchild behind such creativity. So, we are here to share this with you. This story features the prominent female and male wedding decorators of the Indian wedding industry who have worked really hard to be where they are today.

FAQs of Indian wedding decorators:

How Much Does Indian wedding decor cost?

Indian wedding decor can be really expensive. It is an elaborate event and it is not uncommon for a bride to spend tens of thousands of dollars on the decor. The cost of an Indian wedding planning decorator also depends on the size of the event and how big your budget is. That is a lot of money to spend on decorations. A $200,000 Indian wedding will likely spend about 40-65 thousand dollars on decoration alone.

What do wedding decorators do?

Wedding planning decorators are responsible for transforming a wedding venue into an elegant space fit for the special occasion. To do this, they meet with clients to create detailed plans and acquire necessary decorations such as flowers, place settings, and table linens.

How much does the wedding mandap cost?

Surrounded by the natural beauty of green paddy fields and verdant forests, you can hold your wedding at a traditional Indian backdrop. You will find that spending up to ₹ 2 500 000 in this area for an elaborate ceremony would be worth it! Click here to search for Indian and South Asian wedding decorators near you.


Indian weddings are known for their elaborate decoration, which may be one of the most important aspects of the day. The decor is often traditionally based on the religion and culture of the couple, with some modern trends mixed in as well. Even if you’re not a part of this fascinating tradition, it’s fun to read more about it and learn what goes into putting together such a magical event!