How to plan Indian wedding? A complete guide


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You have decided to get married. Congratulations! Now it’s time to plan a dream wedding. If you want classy Indian wedding planning, then you must have to plan everything precisely.  As finest wedding planning is mandatory before the special day arrive. Indian wedding vendors are Grade A choice to fulfill all needs of classy wedding planning. A perfect wedding needs perfect wedding outfits, and if you want Indian wedding style, you must love to have Indian wedding DJ’stoo.Wedding planning is not only a planning for the wedding day but also it is a planning of each and everything about wedding. From wedding outfit to wedding venue, from lowest budget to highest budget, from small guests list to large guests lists, and from wedding photography to wedding DJ’severything a wedding planner plans for you. If you want to plan about all the things perfectly for you special day, then let’s take a look at the major points that you need to work on for your dream Indian wedding.

  • Plan Your Dream Wedding Day
  • Plan Wedding Budget
  • Make aGuest List
  • Plan Your Wedding Theme
  • Choose Your Wedding Outfit
  • Get Invitation Cards Prepare
  • Plan aWedding Party
  • Enjoy Some pre-wedding Activities
  • Plan Your Dream Wedding Venue
  • Plan Wedding Menu
  • Get Married

Plan Your Dream Wedding Day

After deciding to get married, now it’s time to set a save-the-date. Plan your Indian wedding date with your partner. You might have some meeting for the suitable date to decide. Pre-planned wedding date is mandatory. You may throw a small party to announce your wedding date. You can choose wedding season, month or year in which you want to get married. It is all good whenever you want this special occasion to happen in your life. It is always a good idea to plan everything about your wedding so that the things go with flow.

Plan Wedding Budget

Once your wedding date has been decided, now it is the time to plan your wedding budget. You have to be aware of how much you are going to spend. Discuss with your partner and parents or people who want to contribute in wedding expenses.Form the dayyou decided your wedding date in order to plan hustle free wedding you may hire Indian wedding vendor. Budget should be affordable and free of money wastage. Indian wedding planning services will set complete budget for your dream day if you are planning an India style wedding. Budget must includewedding outfits, wedding DJ’s,wedding photographyand all otherwedding planning.Here is a pro-tip for you, try not to waste money and time in unnecessary things on you wedding. You must have savings for your dream day in order to not to get bankrupt.

Get Invitation Cards Prepare

Once you have decided wedding date, order for printing of wedding invitation cards. In Indian wedding people prepare invitation cards and send them to the family and friends whom they want to invite. So, get your invitation cards ready and invite guests before the special day arrives. A sending invitations card is also one of the kinds of announcing your wedding date.

When the wedding budget is all set. It is the time for making a guest list. No matter if the list is not finalized at early time, but you must have an idea about how many guests are going to attend your wedding. In an Indian wedding, there is huge difference between 100 guests and 500 guests.You must have to make a guest list so that you may set your budget and venue accordingly. Set your guest list before moving to next wedding planning. Guest list helps in managing the budget as most of the budget is going to be spent on guests.

Plan Your Wedding Theme

Wedding is a most beautiful and memorable day of someone’s life. The event should be based on some beautiful these. You may set any theme of your choice. Or you may get help from Indian wedding vendor. They will set Indian wedding style or any other theme of your choice for your special day. A perfect wedding theme can make the day more memorable and beautiful. Talk to your partner before finalizing a theme.

Choose Your Wedding Outfit

Unique and beautiful wedding outfit make you feel adorable and happy. Perfect outfit is mandatory for bride as well as for groom. Since it is your most special day, so you have to choose your wedding outfitbefore the day arrives. You can search your dream outfit online or Indian wedding planning service can choose it for you. You may go for shopping with your partner and choose outfit of your and your partner’s choice. Wedding outfit can be matched with wedding theme and colors. Make a research online or by going shop to shop to choose your dream dress.

PlanWedding Party

Adding wedding party to your wedding planning can enhance the beauty of you time.Throw a wedding party in order to celebrate your special day with your friends and family. You will need to arrange Indian wedding DJ’sas party is incomplete without music.You can arrange wedding party before or after your wedding, whenever you can spare the time. Discuss with your partner about throwing the wedding party and decide time and date of choice of both of you.Here is a pro-tip, decide wisely who you want to be with you in your wedding. Invite those friends as family members to your wedding party.

Enjoy Some Pre-wedding Activities

No matter post marriage life is so charming, but do enjoy your pre-wedding days too. You can plan some outings with your friends and family. Life after marriage entirely changes. You may not spare time for friends and family members just after marriage. Therefore plan some pre-marriage events. You can also plan some dinners or lunch. Long drives with your best friends would also make your pre-wedding days memorable. Do not worry if you have short time for wedding preparations, you can enjoy your time while on shopping too.Here is a pro-tip, if you are somehow stressed about getting married, many people probably become so. Do have an appointment with therapist along with your partner. Many people visit for couple therapy and become confident about their big day.


Plan Your Dream Wedding Venue

A beautiful and calm wedding venue can enhance the beauty of the event. Wedding venue must be decided in the limit of your budget. You can choose indoor or outdoor wedding venue. As you have chosen your wedding season, this will help you in deciding wedding venue. Do talk to your partner regarding the wedding venue. The wedding venue could bebackyard of your house or elsewhere. You will surely need your photo session to be done. You may get satisfied with Indian wedding photography services.The photographers will capture each and every special moment of your special day.

Plan Wedding Menu

Food is one of the most essential parts of a wedding. It is entirely your choice whether you arrange lunch or dinner for your guests. In Indian wedding planning you would like to add Indian foods to your wedding menu.If you want to hire some wedding planners, they will see the management for you. Your entire wedding menu would be arranged by your Indian wedding vendors.You probably have to talk to your partner about the dishes or deserts that you people want to add to the wedding menu. In Indian style wedding people would love the sweets and delicious Indian foods.

Get Married

It is the time to get married after making all essential and mandatory wedding plans. Perfect wedding planning would make your day hustle free.  Things will go according to the plan. Your whole wedding would be arranged and managed by wedding planners. Hiring wedding planner can lessen load of work. You can spare the time and would be at ease. You cannot make everything under control but you can control maximum of them. Get married it is the right time now.


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