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Indian wedding

“Best wishes on the wonderful journey you are going to start together”marriage is a highest state of friendship. Everyone wants to make the wedding day memorable.  There are many wedding styles but Indian wedding Planning can be a unique and charming wedding style. In an Indian style wedding you need to add many things like Indian wedding outfits and Indian wedding DJ’s. There are many other things that will enhance the beauty of your big day if you add them in the celebrations of your special day. A wedding is always a big thing to deal with. You can hire Indian wedding vendors to manage everything on your special day. Let’s talk in details how can you celebrate your big day in Indian style and make is more beautiful and charming.

  • Indian Wedding Outfits
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Indian Wedding Outfits

Looks matter the most, especially on a wedding day.A wedding outfit must reflects the personality of bride and groom as well. Every girl and boyhaveimaginings of their wedding clothes.Beautiful wedding outfits give you ultimate confidence and pleasure. How can your big day be completed without a perfect wedding outfit? You will surely have been dreamed about your outfit on your big day. If want an Indian style wedding. It would be so pleasuring and matching to the occasion that both of you wear Indian wedding outfits.There are many styles of Indian outfits for bride and groom. You can choose any of your desire and comfort. Do online research before finalising any dress. Do not forget to talk to your partner in this regard.it you are having some wedding theme; it would look outstanding to have wedding dress according to the theme. Not only the bride and, bridegroom wear splendid wedding dresses but the relatives, bridemaids and Best men also wear dress matching with the couple. Let us take deep look in Indian style wedding outfits.

Bridegroom’s wedding outfit

In eastern Indian wedding style, groom usually wear; Mundu or Dhoti. For the chest cover it is sometimes only used a piece of cloth,which is called Angavastram. Shirt can also be wear with Mundu and Dhoti. All depends on your choice and wedding theme.

In other Indian areas groom wear sherwani, western or Jodhupuri suit. In some Indian weddings groom face is covered with dense layers of flowers. It is entirely the choice of you or your family. In Muslim Indian weddings, groom wears Sehra.

Grooms wear Kullah as well and the footwear that usually in tend in Indian wedding is called Khussa. There is thread work and shiny stone work on the cuffs and collars of the grooms’ dress. The dresses are designed by expert designers.You can order an outfit of your choice before your special day arrives. The colour of groom’s dress can be customized. Mostly red and maroon colour is preferred in Indian for groom’s wedding outfit. It is entirely up to you that which colour, design and type of dress you choose for your big day.

Bride’s wedding outfit

There are many types of bride’s wedding outfits in India. Brides usually prefer to wear Lehnga Kurtias well as Sari.In some India regions, brides also prefer Ghagra Choli or Shrara Kurti. The colour of bride’s wedding outfitis usually preferred to be red. Red is traditional colour of brides’ outfit in India. You can find Indian traditional wedding outfits anywhere in the world. Do online research before selecting any of your outfit. There is no issue if you do not like red colour, you can customize you outfit design and colour too. If you have some wedding theme, you can order your outfit according to your wedding theme. Do talk to your partner and choose your dream dress.

Wedding Jewellery

In an Indian style wedding, bride is considered incomplete without jewellery. The jewellery is usually matched with bride’s wedding dress. Gold plated iron or pure gold is traditional fro bride’s jewellery. Brides usually buy jewellery but bride’s mother in law also gift her some jewellery. In south Indian regions bride’s mother in law gift her bangles that are made of iron and plated with gold.  One can pre-order jewellery in matching with wedding outfitto look perfect on wedding day. The basic jewellery items that are included in bride’s jewellery are;

Necklace; the most important part of bride’s jewellery is her necklace.

Nath;Here comes another Indian traditional jewellery item which is called Nath. Nath is actually a kind of nose ring that adds to the beauty of the bride.

Payal;  Indian bride’s wear payal at ankles of feet. It considered as beautiful part of jewellery and bridal makeover.

Bridal Bracelets; in pure Indian traditions, brides are considered incomplete without bridal bracelets. The bracelets could make of gold plated iron or pure gold.

Rings; Rings are as important to an Indian bride as her wedding dress. Rings can also be of gold or gold plated iron. In some family diamond rings are also added for bride and groom as well.

Earrings;theseare also so important to add in bridal jewellery. Indian brides wear heavy but pretty earrings on wedding day.

Mang Tikka; it is one of the basic jewellery items of a bride. Mang tikka enhance the beauty of bride

Rani Haar; in some regions of India brides wear RaniHaar. A long heavy but beautiful necklace is called RaniHaar.

BajuBand; it is worn above elbow of bride. BajuBand is made of gold, gold plated iron or any other metal. It comes in various shapes and designs. You can customize its colour too. It is just a fashion, no matter if you do not want to wear it. What you want to wear on your big day is totally depends on your choice.

Kamarband;the brides that wear sari on their wedding day, they add Kamarband to their wedding outfit too. It is beautiful belt type jewellery, looks stunning on bride.

No matter what the traditions are. It is your choice what you want to wear on your big day. The main purpose is to make the day more beautiful and memorable.

The jewellery is not only worn by brides on their wedding day, but they wear them mostly after marriage. It is the tradition in India that a bride should wear jewellery after marriage too.On the occasion of an Indian style wedding, Indian wedding photography is compulsory. It is tradition that a bride get all ready for photography with her wedding outfit and jewellery.

Indian Wedding DJ’s

On the occasion of wedding background music is considered to be added especially. Background music can enhance the charm of the occasion. Of course you probably have planned your wedding dance. In Indian style wedding, it is important to arrange Indian wedding DJ’s. There are many wedding celebrations in Indian weddings, like Mahanadi,dholak and haldi fuctions.All wedding celebrations are incomplete without music and dance performances. WeddingDJ’s are all prepared for songs and music of your choice. Anyone can ask them to play any song of his/her choice. Ultimately the event would be so fresh and loved by everyone. Here is a pro-tip; decide some special songs or music types for special moments on your wedding day. You can ask DJ’s to play some romantic song while you are going to exchange ring with your partner.Or when you both are walking through guests, you can be entertained by beautiful songs and music. You might have planned wedding dance. Or you may want to dedicate a song to your partner, go grab mike and make your day memorable.

Indian wedding DJ’scan cover every kind of music properly on your special day.

A wedding is not a simple and easy task to handle. There are so many things to be managed and cover properly. You have to plan for wedding outfits to post- marriage outfits. From wedding day jewellery of bride to gifts for bride and groom’s family everything needs proper planning. You both and your families have to be all prepared for the special day. It would be so helpful if you hire some Indian wedding planning service for your Indian style wedding.

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We wish you both a happy marriage and a happy life ahead.

Happy wedding!