Indian Wedding Venues: The Best Venues to Have a Beautiful Wedding

India is a country with many different religions, and each religion has its own set of traditions for weddings. From Hindu to Muslim, Sikh to Christian, there are so many options for Indian wedding venues. The Taj Mahal in Agra is one of the most iconic buildings in India, but there are also beautiful hotels on the coast or resorts nestled up in the mountains where you can have your ceremony. India has something for everyone, whether you want a traditional Hindu wedding at one of Mumbai’s temples or a Muslim event at Delhi’s Jama Masjid mosque!

Finding Your Perfect Indian Wedding Venues? 

Here Are Some Points to Keep in Mind:

One of the first things you’ll think about after you’ve gotten engaged (beyond your lehenga, of course ) is finding your Indian wedding venue. Finding a suitable venue was my main concern when I was getting married. In my opinion, a perfect venue forms the backdrop to a perfect Indian wedding ceremony. During my wedding planning process, I realized that choosing an ideal forum can be very tricky. The venue you choose should not only be a place you love but also meet all your event requirements.


The style of your venue can be a total showstopper, so choose wisely! Hunt for a venue that matches your sense of style. Suppose you love royal romance, hunt for Indian wedding venues with chandeliers or regal art deco or opulent paintings and 5-star services. Grand Ballrooms, Forts, and Palaces can be a perfect fit. If you love tropical splendor, try getting a venue with a sea view. If you like garden grandeur, why not opt for outdoor hotel lawns or farmhouses. If you dream of vintage glam, a vineyard is a perfect Indian wedding venue choice. Dare to marry at an adventure park, national park, or forest reserve if you love adventure. The venue should reflect your sense of style!

2. SIZE:

What should you look for in your reception site (aside from that sense of rightness you know you’ll have the moment you see the perfect spot)? Makes sure the room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list. Are you hosting a small intimate gathering or a big fat Indian wedding? If you’re looking at an extensive guest list, then space is your number one consideration.

The space may look enormous when it’s empty, but wedding essentials tables, chairs, a buffet, a bar, the band or DJ setup, the dance floor can take up a lot of space. Not to mention your guests will need some elbow room. Even if you choose an outdoor site, you’ll need ample room on the lawn or poolside. Ask to take a peek of the space when another wedding (with an equivalent guest list size) is set up to assess the area of the venue after it is fully set up.


If you have an extensive guest list, find out the maximum capacity of all the Indian dream wedding venues you have shortlisted. The one that accommodates the most significant number of people may be an ideal choice irrespective of the one you like the best. You may also want to drop by for a peek when the wedding venue hosts an event with the same guest list size. Visit your venue personally before finalizing it instead of depending on your event planner, friend, or relative.


Generally speaking, the amount you spend on the Indian wedding venues and accommodation should not exceed more than 60% of your wedding budget. Consider all the venues you love that fit into your budget. If you love an Indian wedding venue that is a bit more expensive than your allocated budget, you can cut down a bit on decor and other vendors. Another option is to pick an off-peak-season wedding date. Alternatively, think out of the box, and find a similar location that can create an identical ambiance to that of your favorite venue if it’s on the higher side. Commonly used platforms are often overpriced. This is especially true for small towns which have fewer options. Try to look for alternative Indian wedding venues that are not typically used for weddings instead of these overpriced hotels and banquets. You may get a great deal there.


Once you’ve found the perfect Indian wedding venue, all the rest of those wedding day details (color, style, decor, etc.) should fall into place. The choice of Indian weddings venue will have a significant influence on your set. A temple wedding, a beach Indian venue with a sweeping view of the ocean, and a hotel ballroom-each call for different decor, and there may be rules and regulations limiting what can be used to decorate and how. Once you have decided on your venue type, browse wedding magazines and wedding venue websites to get ideas on personalizing the space.


In a temple, church, banquet hall, or private residence, your decor can highlight or transform the look of your Indian wedding venue. Indoor weddings venues are usually less expensive to decorate.


Honestly, it is more expensive to decorate an outdoor venue. But the good news is that if you opt for the right kind of decor, there is nothing more alluring than attending a wedding in an open space. The most important aspect of decorating an outdoor Indian weddings venue is to define the space and allocate a unique space for each activity (for example, the stage will be in the center; mandap will be in the right corner; guests will sit in front of the stage, the dance floor will be near the entrance, the food station will be at the far-left end, etc.) 


Banquet halls and hotels often hold more than one affair at a time. If there’ll be other events going on simultaneously in rooms close to yours, many more cars will be parked in the parking lot, and many people will be using the lift and pre-function area. If this bothers you, try to schedule your wedding when there is no one next door. If that’s not possible, visit the site on a dual-party night and see how the sound carries and whether there are any significant people problems before you make a decision.


Light can make or break the mood and the space. If you’re marrying during the day, make sure your hall has plenty of windows and allows natural light to enter. If it’s an evening affair, make sure the room’s not too dim or that the lighting can be controlled for the big entrance, dinner, and dancing. If you’re marrying outdoors, say, at dusk, will there be sufficient lighting provided by the wedding venue?


Visit the site at the same time of day that you’ve chosen for your wedding venue. Even if the space looks romantic by candlelight, you may be surprised by the sight of that 10-year-old dingy carpet during the day.


What will your guests see when they walk into the room? Whether it’s your city skyline, a stunning vista of rolling mountains beyond the windows, or the crashing sea on the sand behind you, exceptional locations with a view is always a plus. If there’s no view per se, look to a place’s decor or architectural details: artwork on the walls, ornate decorative wall-to-wall carpets, furniture in the corners, or a fantastic crystal chandelier as the room’s centerpiece to give your reception site that something extra.


Take into consideration the sound and acoustics of the venue, the space allotted for parking cars, and convenience for the guests attending.

FAQs of Indian wedding venues:

What is the most beautiful place to have a wedding?

Read the most incredible wedding locations on earth to get inspired:

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
  • Banff, Canada. Fairmont Banff Springs.
  • Lucerne, Switzerland. Lucerne.
  • Tuscany, Italy.
  • Kapalua, Maui, United States.
  • Los Cabos, Mexico.
  • Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada.
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica. Montego Bay wedding.

1.Which is the best wedding place in India?

1. Goa.
2. Agra.
3. Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
4. Rishikesh.
5. Mussoorie.
6. Udaipur.
7. Jaipur.
8. Kerala.

Where is the cheapest place to have a destination wedding in India?

Travel to the beautiful state of Uttarakhand and choose from a variety of places for your wedding destination. You can spend time in Auli, Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Shimla, or Dalhousie, where you’ll find resorts as well as hotels that provide serene natural beauty at their best.

How much does an Indian destination wedding cost?

Finding a destination wedding photographer can be expensive, so it is essential to make sure you choose someone who has the experience and skills needed. Destination Indian weddings often take place in difficult-to-access or remote areas that require more traveling for your photography team. It’s also possible that they may have additional expenses due to needing extra equipment, such as drones or underwater cameras, if there will be water involved during the ceremony. A good way of finding out how much an experienced professional might charge would be by asking them for their best price range. Most photographers won’t turn down work because they’re too busy but instead focus on building up repeat clients through superior service quality at a reasonable rate!


India is a country with many diverse cultures. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Hindu, Muslim, or Sikh ceremony, there are many options in India. From the Taj Mahal to a 5-star hotel resort on the coast, there is something for everyone within this diverse country. Here are some great places to have your wedding in India!