Wedding Banquet Hall

A Wedding banquet hall is a perfect venue for your event. Whether it’s a christening, bachelorette party or wedding reception, there are many ways to personalize the space to reflect what you want and need from the location. Most of these changes can be made with little more than some creativity and time on your part. With this in mind, here are three tips that will help you create the best possible experience for all involved: Know how much room you’ll need before booking anything. Have an idea of what type of decor suits your style. Include as many details about your preferences as possible when looking at venues (colours, food options), so everyone has something to go off of.

What Is a Banquet Hall?

A banquet hall or function hall is a room or building to host a party for social and business events. The idea of banqueting is ancient. In the sixteenth century, a banquet differed from our modern perception and started from the medieval ‘ceremony of the void’. After dinner, the guests would stand and drink sweet wine and spices while the table was cleared or ‘voided.’ Later, guests would no longer stand in the great chamber whilst the table was cleared and the room prepared for entertainment but would retire to the parlour or banqueting room.In the seventeenth century, ‘void’ was replaced with the French’ dessert’. As the idea of banqueting evolved further, it could take place at any time during the day and have much more in common.

Banqueting varied greatly from any place indoors to outdoors but is now generally on an intimate scale. You can choose to host your banqueting event in garden, farmhouses or indoors, such as the halls built explicitly for hotels and restaurants. Traditionally, banquets were primarily social events like Roka, sagan, wedding, wedding reception, birthday party, anniversaries, Mata chowki, etc.

These are great celebratory functions in India. All family relatives, friends are invited to these functions and events and sometimes even business friends, associates and partners. These events consist of the main ceremony amidst great multi-cuisine, multi-course lunch or dinner in buffet style. The hosts can choose from a wide variety of cuisines, styles and types of food and drinks based on available options, their personal choice and budgets. Today banquets serve many purposes, from formal business dinners, product launches to seminars and training sessions. Business banquets are increasingly becoming a popular way to strengthen bonds between business people and their associates, clients, partners, employees etc.

Choosing a Banquet Hall:

To find the perfect location for your next event, you’ll need to do a bit of research:

  • First, make a list of all the banquet halls in the area that might suit your needs.
  • Next, visit some of the halls on your list to see if their size and location will work for your celebration.
  • Narrow your choices to the top three, and then make a few phone calls to inquire about pricing, availability and any extras you might need.
  • Consider your personal needs for the hall, such as chairs, tables, kitchen facilities, parking and security, before making your choice.
  • Finally, read the fine print of the contract before you sign.

Banquet Halls in Indian:

From palaces to beaches, India has different wedding venues, and every site needs to have a banquet hall for various ceremonies. From a small gathering to a large one, we have curate a list of the best banquet halls in India.

Transforming the Hall:

How do you take a banquet hall and turn it into a lively, unique venue for your event? You personalize it. Think of ways to create an environment that reflects your specific event. Create a theme for your guests, and then go from there.

  • What are you celebrating? Birthdays, graduations, award ceremonies, retirement parties and more are all causes for celebration.
  • Who are you celebrating? Transform the hall to represent that individual or group of people.
  • What makes this person or group unique? Highlight particular aspects of the person or group.

From there, consider creating a “personality” for your occasion. Now take that personality and compare it to your banquet room. What do you need to do to turn that hall into something that represents your celebration or gathering?

Lights, Music, Action:

Lights, music and action are the first three things to consider when transforming banquet halls. They are the key to creating your unique environment.


Use party music that fits the theme or atmosphere you’re going for, such as classic Beach Boys’ music for the surfing graduate, jazz standards or music of the era for class reunions, or love songs for a wedding reception. The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Choose something meaningful and relevant.


Designers know that light can make or break a space. Light comes in many forms. Most people start with natural light, spotlight and candlelight. There are disco balls, night lights, lamps, overheads and more. Don’t underestimate the power of this simple element. Candles certainly create a different mood than a disco ball. Use that to your advantage!


What are your guests going to do once they arrive? There are a lot of ideas out there for party games. Examples of matching the suitable party activity with the celebration include:

  • Play old-fashioned games like “clothespin in a bottle” or “marbles” to spark youthful memories of the 80-year-old you’re celebrating.
  • Honour the retired Navy veteran by setting up a blackjack table for guests since you’ve heard his crewmates used to pass the time playing cards.
  • Think about sharing words of wisdom in a unique handmade book for the newlywed.
  • Ask guests to put together their favourite cooking tips for the graduate heading off to college.

The idea is to create moments that reflect the person(s) of honour through participation from the guests. Creating this sort of connection gives an element of intimacy and personal bond among those coming together.

Picture Perfect Celebrations:

With a bit of creativity, there’s no reason you can’t transform banquet halls into an appropriate and fun wedding venue for everything from christenings to rowdy bachelorette parties. Next time there’s cause for celebration; don’t let the impersonal feel of banquet halls deter you. They can be the perfect solution for hosting a large group of people for the price and ease. Spend some time visiting the banquet halls in your area, read the fine print, and consider your particular needs. Then, plan the perfect celebration for you and your guests. As a final touch, ask guests to send you their digital photos from the event. Put them into one giant digital album to give the guest(s) of honor.


We hope we’ve given you some ideas on making your wedding banquet hall the perfect venue for all of your events. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!